All AAIU Reports

Format: 2020
Incident: B747 and B747, USAF1; UPS6080, Shannon UIR 27 May 1997: Report No 1998-006 PDF icon 3621-REPORT_1998_006-0.PDF
Accident: SA 315B Lama, G-BNNF, Knockalough Upperchurch Co Tipperary, 30 Jul 1996: Report No 1998-007 PDF icon REPORT 1998-007.pdf
Incident: Ilyushin, IL-62M, 86512, Aeroflot, Shannon Aiport, 14 Sep 1996: Report No 1998-005 PDF icon 3623-REPORT_1998_005-0.PDF
Accident: Piper PA 28, G-BEYO, Brittas Bay Aerodrome Wicklow, 13 Jun 1997: Report No 1998-004 PDF icon 3625-REPORT_1998_004-0.PDF
Accident: Stampe, EI-BLB, Nr Carrick-on-Shannon Co Roscommon, 1 Jun 1997: Report No 1998-003 PDF icon 3626-REPORT_1998_003-0.PDF
Incident: B737, G-OBMD, Dublin Airport, 18 Jan 1997: Report No 1998-002 PDF icon 3627-REPORT_1998_002-0.PDF
Accident: HS 748-2A, G-AYIM, Dublin Airport, 6 July 1996: Report No 1998-001 PDF icon 4024-REPORT_1998_001-0.PDF
Vickers Viscount, EI-AOM, fatal air crash off Tuskar Rock, 24 Mar 1968 PDF icon 01.Tuskar_Investigation_Report_1970.pdf, PDF icon 02.Tuskar_Investigation_Report_1970_Appendices.pdf, PDF icon 03.Tuskar_AAIU_REVIEW_2000_Report_No2000-003.pdf, PDF icon 04.Tuskar_International_Study_Team_Summary_Report_2002.pdf, PDF icon 05.Tuskar_International_Study_Team_Full_ Report_2002.pdf, PDF icon 06.Full_Study_Report_2002_TOME_1_Appendices_1-7.pdf, PDF icon 07.Full_Study_Report_2002_TOME_2_Annex_A&B.pdf, PDF icon 08.Full_Study_Report_2002_TOME_3_Annex_C.pdf, PDF icon 09.Volume_II_Tome1_Appendix_5_Extracts_ReTyped.pdf
Accident: DC3, EI-ACF, Near Birmingham, 1 Jan 1953. PDF icon Non-Statutory Keane Review 2002 of 1953 EI-ACF Court of Inquiry.PDF, PDF icon Accident EI-ACF DC-3 Spernall Warwickshire 01-01-1953 (Dept Ind & Commerce Inquiry 1953).pdf