All AAIU Reports

Format: 2018
Final Report: Stick shaker warning, Ryanair Boeing 737-800, EI-ENL, on ILS final at Eindhoven Airport, 31 May 2013. PDF icon REPORT DSB EI-ENL Eindhoven 31-05-2013.pdf
Final Report: Serious incident, Boeing B737-800 EI-DCI & Alexander Schleicher GmbH Powered glider, Near Frankfurt-Hahn, 25 April 2013 PDF icon Report_13_EX005_B737-ASH25_F-Hahn.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident, B737-800 EI-ENK and Airbus A319-111 CS-TT, South East of Zurich, 12 April 2013. PDF icon SAIB Final Report 2211 EI-ENK and CS-TT Sth East of Zurich 2013-04-12.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident involving B737-800 EI-DLE, Alicante Airport Spain, 27 March 2013. PDF icon CIAIAC Spain IN0092013 Serious Incident B737-800 EI-DLE Alicante Airport Spain 2013-03-27.pdf
Final Report: Accident to Air Contractors, Airbus A300-B4 EI-EAC, Bratislava Airport Slovakia, 16 November 2012. PDF icon BEA France Accident Airbus A300-B4 EI-EAC Bratislava Airport Slovakia 2012-11-16.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident, Boeing 737-800 EI-DLD, Eindhoven Airport, 11 October 2012. PDF icon DSB Denmark Serious Incident 737-800 EI-DLD Eindhoven Airport 2012-10-11.pdf
Interim Report BFU EX002-12: Serious Incident involving Boeing B737-800 Near Memmingen on 23 September 2012. PDF icon BFU Germany Serious Incident B737 Memmingen 2012-09-23.pdf
Final Report: Incident involving Boeing 737-800, EI-EKV, Madrid Airport, 7 September 2012. PDF icon CIAIAC Spain Incident EI-EKV Madrid Airport Spain 2012-09-07.pdf
Bulletin 12/2012: Accident to Samba XLA EI-JIM, Chatteris Airfield, Cambridgeshire, 18 August 2012. PDF icon AAIB UK Bulletin 12-2012 Accident Samba XLA EI-JIM Chatteris Airfield Cambridgeshire 2012-08-18.pdf
Final Report IN-021/2012: Incident involving Boeing 737-800 EI-EBN, and Airbus A320-200 F-GJVG, at Barcelona El Prat Airport Spain, 27 May 2012. PDF icon CIAIAC Spain Incident 737-800 EI-EBN and A320-200 F-GJVG Barcelona El Prat Airport Spain 2012-05-27.pdf