All AAIU Reports

Format: 2019
Final Report: Accident, Boeing 737-8AS, EI-EXF, Stansted Airport, 3 December 2014. PDF icon AAIB UK Accident Boeing 737-8AS EI-EXF Stansted Airport 2014-12-03.pdf
Foreign Report: Incident involving EI-EBC and G-GDFR Malaga Airport Spain 17 September 2014 PDF icon CIAIAC Incident Boeing B737 EI-EBC and Boeing B737 G-GDFR Malaga Airport Spain 17-09-2014.pdf
Final Report: Accident to Boeing 737-8AS, EI-EFB, Stansted Airport, Essex on 29 July 2014 PDF icon AAIB UK Accident EI-EFB Stansted Airport Essex 2014-07-29.pdf
Final Report: Accident, Two Boeing 737-8AS Aircraft, EI-ENL & EI-DLJ, Stansted Airport, 28 June 2014. PDF icon AAIB UK Accident EI-ENL and EI-DLJ Stansted Airport 2014-06-28.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident, Boeing 737-800, EI-ENB, vicinity of Toulouse (France), 23 June 2014 PDF icon CIAIAC Spain Boeing 737-800 EI-ENB Toulouse Vicinity EXT-A-006 2014-06-23.pdf
Final Report: Incident, ATR 72-212A EI-FCY, Manchester Airport, 15 May 2014. PDF icon AAIB UK ATR 72-212A EI-FCY Manchester Airport 2014-05-15.pdf
Final Report: Accident, Boeing 737-476(SF) EI-STD, East Midlands Airport, 29 April 2014. PDF icon AAIB UK Accident EI-STD East Midlands Airport 2014-04-29.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident to BAE 146 RJ85, Registration EI-RJW, Norwich International Airport, 24 October 2013. PDF icon AAIB UK Serious Incident BAE 146 RJ85, EI-RJW Norwich International Airport 2013-10-24.pdf
Investigation of Pitch Up Upsets due to ILS False Glide Scope 31 May 2013 PDF icon DSB Investigation of Pitch Upsets due to ILS False Glide Slope June 2014.pdf
Final Report: Stick shaker warning, Ryanair Boeing 737-800, EI-ENL, on ILS final at Eindhoven Airport, 31 May 2013. PDF icon REPORT DSB EI-ENL Eindhoven 31-05-2013.pdf