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Format: 2023
Foreign Report: Incident at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Runway 22L on January 18, 2019 PDF icon 2019-011 SIAF's Incident on Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.pdf
Foreign Report: BAAI - Incident involving Boeing 737-800, Reg TC-JHM and a Boeing 737-800, Reg EI-DHW, on 17 January 2019 at Malta Iternational Airport PDF icon BAAI Report EI-DHW and TC-JHM Ground Collision at Malta International Airport.pdf
Foreign Report: Serious Incident, Boeing 737-8AS, (EI-GJT) Enroute Porto Airport to Edinburgh airport, 9 Oct 2018. PDF icon AAIB Serious Incicident, (EI-GJT) Enroute Porto To Edinburgh 09 Oct 2018.pdf
Foreign Report: Serious Incident, Boeing 737-800, (EI-FJW), Edinburgh Airport, 13-8-2018 Report EW/C2018/08/01 PDF icon AAIB, Serious Incident, Boeing 737-800, EI-FJW, Edinburgh Airport, 13 August 2018.pdf
Foreign Report: BFU18-0975-EX - Serious Incident involving a Boeing B737-8AS aircraft, registration EI-ENM, on 13 July 2018, 33 NM west of Grostenquin VOR. PDF icon 18-0975-EX-efr_B737_GrostenquinVOR.pdf
Foreign Report: Incident Boeing 737 800, Alicante Airport (EI-FHZ) 07-06-2018. Report IN-032/2018 PDF icon CIAIAC Incident, Boeing 737 800, Alicante Airport EI-FHZ 07-06-2018.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident Boeing 737-8AS, (EI-GDZ) London Airport, 30 April 2018 Report - EW/2018/04/18 PDF icon AAIB UK Accident, Boeing 737-8AS, EI-GDZ, London Airport, 2018-04-30.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident Boeing 737-8AS, (EI-EKI) in Canary Airspace (Spain) on 10 February Report - A-004/2018 PDF icon CIAIAC Boeing 737-8AS, EI-EKI, Canary Airspace, 10 Feb 2018.pdf
Foreign Report: AAIB - Incident involving an Airbus A320 aircraft, registration EI-CVB, on 3rd February 2018, at Gatwick airport. PDF icon Final Report EW C20180203.pdf
Foreign Report: Incident, ATR 72-212A, (EI-REM) Isle of Man Airport, 18 December 2017. Report - EW/2017/01/02 PDF icon AAIB UK Incident, ATR 72-212A, EI-REM, Isle of man Airport, 2017-12-18.pdf