All AAIU Reports

Format: 2023
Foreign Report: Incident involving ATR 72-212 A, EI-REM, Ronaldsway, (Isle of Man) Airport, 22 December 2015 PDF icon AAIB UK INCIDENT ATR_72-212_A_EI-REM_2015-12-22.pdf
Foreign Report: Serious incident BAe Avro RJ85, (EI-RJT) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 15 December 2015 - Report 2015019 PDF icon Dutch Safety Board BAe Avro RJ85, EI-RJT, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 15 December 2015.pdf
Foreign Report: Incident involving Boeing 737 (EI-DLR) Barcelona Airport 12 December 2015 Report - IN-035/2015 PDF icon CIAIAC Incident Ryanair Boeing 737 EI-DLR Barcelona Airport 2015-12-12.pdf
Foreign Report: Serious Incident involving BAe Avro RJ85, EI-RJH Belfast International Airport, 12 November 2015. PDF icon AAIB UK Serious Incident BAe_Avro_RJ85_EI-RJH_04-16 2015-11-12.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident involving Piper PA-16 EI-AEL, RWY 15 Enniskillen Airport on 3 October 2015 Report - 2018-013 PDF icon AAIB UK Accident Piper PA-16 EI-AEL RWY 15 Enniskillen Airport on 2015-10-03.pdf
Foreign Report Accident Aerospatiale Puma SA330 J (EI-SAI) Airport of Pristina 12 May 2015 Report ZKM KHAIA PDF icon AAIIC EI-SAI Puma accident Pristina, Kosovo.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident involving a Boeing 737-800. Registration EI-DAC, En-Route to Bordeaux, 25 Feb 2015. PDF icon BEA Accident involving a Boeing 737-800 En-Route to bordeaux 25 Feb 2015.pdf
Foreign Report: BEA Incident Boeing B737-800, (EI-EMK) Berjerac-Roumaniere Airport (Dordogne), 29 January 2015. BEA 2015-0037.en PDF icon BEA Incident Boeing B737-800 Berjerac-Roumaniere Airport (Dordogne) 29.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident involving Boeing 737-8AS, EI-EBR, London Luton Airport, 17 April 2014. PDF icon AAIB UK Accident Boeing 737-8AS EI-EBR Luton Airport 2014-12-17.pdf
Foreign Report: Accident, Boeing 737-8AS, EI-EXF, Stansted Airport, 3 December 2014. PDF icon AAIB UK Accident Boeing 737-8AS EI-EXF Stansted Airport 2014-12-03.pdf