All AAIU Reports

Format: 2018
Final Report: Accident involving EI-DAD, Skavsta airport, Södermanlands county Sweden 25 April 2011 PDF icon SHK Sweden RL2012_20e Serious Incident EI-DAD Skavsta Airport 2011-04-25.pdf
Final Report: Accident to Air Contractors ATR72, EI-REJ Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris France, 19 April 2011. PDF icon BEA France Accident ATR 72 EI-REJ Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris 2011-04-19.pdf
Final Report: Incident involving Boeing 737-800, EI-EKB Ryanair and Boeing 767-300, N366AA American Airlines, Barcelona airport, 14 April 2011. PDF icon CIAIAC 2011_011_IN_ENG EI-EKB Barcelona Airport 2011-04-14.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident involving ATR-72-202, EI-SLG near Edinburgh Airport UK, 15 March 2011. PDF icon AAIB UK ATR72-202 EI-SLG 07-12 Edinburgh Airport 2011-03-15.pdf
Final Report IN-001/2011: Serious Incident, Boeing 737-800 EI - EFX, Alicante Airport, 06 January 2011. PDF icon CIAIAC Spain 2012_Boletin_05 Incident 737-800 EI-EFX Alicante Airport 2011-06-01.pdf
Final Report: Accident involving Boeing 737-800 EI - EBR, Seville airport Spain, 27 October 2010. PDF icon CIAIAC Spain A-0392010 Accident EI-EBR Seville Airport Spain 2010-10-27.pdf
Final Report: Accident involving Boeing 737-800, EI-DAX, Girona airport Spain, 7th June 2010 PDF icon CIAIAC 2010_017_A_ENG Accident EI-DAX Girona Airport 2010-06-07.pdf
Final Report IN-010/2010: Incident involving Boeing 737-800 EI-DYX, Valencia Airport Spain, 14 May 2010. PDF icon CIAIAC Spain 2010_010 Accident Boeing 737-800 EI-DYX Valencia Airport 2010-05-14.pdf
Final Report: Incident involving Airbus A320, EI-DEK, NAVIX (Transition point from Lisbon to CTA to Sta. Maria OCA), 4 April 2010. PDF icon GPIAA Portugal Airbus A320 EI-DEK Lisbon to St Maria 2010-04-04.pdf
Final Report: Accident involving ATR 72-201, EI-REH, Manchester Airport, 21 October 2009. PDF icon AAIB UK ATR 72-201, EI-REH 08-10 Manchester Airport 2009-10-21.pdf