AAIU Investigations

This document lists occurrences which are the subject of an investigation being undertaken by the AAIU. It does not include AAIU involvement in overseas investigations.
A Status is provided which, depending on the particular phase of the investigation, indicates:
An investigation is underway by the AAIU.  
A Preliminary Report has been published and an investigation is on-going.
Draft Report
A confidential Draft Report has been distributed for consultation under SI 460 of 2009, Regulation 12(1), and EU Regulation 996/2010 Article 16. The consultation process includes the time taken to consider representations and amend the Draft Report prior to publication.
Final Report
A Final Report has been approved for publication and has been published.
Interim Statement
For high profile investigations where the Final Report has not been completed within a 12-month period.
Delegated Investigation
Where an occurrence has occurred to an Irish registered aircraft abroad and the State of Occurrence delegates the investigation back to Ireland as the State of Registry.