Final Report: Serious Incident Cessna 172N, (EI-CUJ) / Cessna 172R, (G-GFSA) Cork Airport Ireland, 23 May 2017 Report - 2018-001

A Cessna 172, EI-CUJ, with a solo Student Pilot on board, was given clearance by the Air Movements Controller (AMC) to backtrack and line up on Runway (RWY) 25 at Cork Airport. While EI-CUJ was taxiing, a second Cessna 172, G-GFSA, with a Flight Instructor and Student on board, was given take-off clearance on RWY 35. As G-GFSA was climbing away, the AMC saw that EI-CUJ had become airborne from RWY 25 without clearance.
Occurrence Date: 
Tuesday, 23 May, 2017
Report Date: 
Wednesday, 24 January, 2018