Interim Statement: Accident involving a CESSNA 208B (G-KNYS). Near Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL) 13 May 2018, Report - 2019-005


Accident involving a CESSNA 208B  (G-KNYS) Near Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL) 0n 13 May 2018. Report - 2019-005

A Preliminary Report on this accident was published on 11 June 2018.

EU Regulation 996/2010 requires that, if the Final Report cannot be made public within 12 months, the safety investigation authority shall release an interim statement at least at each anniversary of the accident or serious incident, detailing the progress of the investigation and any safety issues raised.

This Interim Statement should be read in conjunction with the published Preliminary Report.

Occurrence Date: 
Sunday, 13 May, 2018
Report Date: 
Thursday, 16 May, 2019