Accident: Cessna FR 172 Reims Rocket, G-IRLS, Nr Kilrush Airfield Kildare, 6 Apr 1997: Report No 2000-005


While landing on Runway 29 at Kilrush Airfield, the Pilot elected to initiate a late go-around, as he believed that the braking action was insufficient to stop the aircraft before the boundary hedge. Shortly after becoming airborne, the aircraft struck the boundary hedge with its undercarriage and continued on into the adjacent field, where it impacted heavily on its main wheels. The aircraft then bounced twice before it penetrated a second hedge. The aircraft yawed 90° to the right as it crossed to the far side of the main Athy to Kilcullen road (N78), where it finally came to rest. The aircraft was extensively damaged.


Occurrence Date: 
Sunday, 6 April, 1997
Report Date: 
Wednesday, 14 June, 2000