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The following is a listing of Investigation Reports published by the Air Accident Investigation Unit concerning accidents and incidents that occurred within Irish airspace. This list will also include Investigations concerning Irish registered and/or operated aircraft which were delegated to the AAIU by Foreign Accident Investigation Authorities in accordance with ICAO Annex 13. Reports may be sorted based on Occurrence Date using the Search Facility below. 

Format: 2023
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Final Report: Accident Involving an ICP Ventura aircraft, registration EI-GHS at Tubride Airfield, Co. Meath, on 20 July 2019. Report: 2020-016 PDF icon Report 2020-016.pdf
Interim Statement: Accident, Rollason D.62B Condor, (EI-BDX) Duncormick, Co. Wexford 6 October 2019. PDF icon EI-BDX Interim Statement.pdf
Final Report: Accident Cessna F172P Skyhawk (EI-ING), near Craughwell Airfield, Co Galway, 4 August 2018. Report 2020-015 PDF icon Report 2020-015.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident involving a Boeing 737-800, (EI-GXG) at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany. 29 January 2019. Report 2020-014 PDF icon Report 2020-014.pdf
Final Report: Accident involving a BRM Land Africa Ultralight Aircraft, (CS-UTN) at Letterkenny Airfield, Co. Donegal, 21 April 2019. Report 2020-013 PDF icon Report 2020-013.pdf
Final Report: Accident Involving a TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.2, Paramotor, (unregistered), near Bellharbour, Co. Clare 21 June 2019, Report 2020-012 PDF icon Report 2020-012.pdf
Final Report: Incident involving a Gulfstream Aeroplane, (EI-JSK) Overhead Waterford, 7 July 2019. Report 2020-011 PDF icon Report 2020-011.pdf
Final Report: Serious Incident, Bolkow Bo-209 Monsun, (D-EFJG) at Navan Airfield Co Meath, 14 May 2019. Report 2020-010 PDF icon Report 2020-010.pdf
Final Report: Incident Cessna 172M, (N80533) Abeyshrule Aerodrome, 19 March 2020. Report 2020-009 PDF icon REPORT 2020-009.pdf
Interim Statement: Accident involving a BRM Aero Bristell NG5, (G-OJCS). Near Belan Co. Kildare 13 June 2019, Report - 2020-008 PDF icon REPORT 2020-008.pdf