Incident: BAe 146-200, EI-CWA, Dublin Airport, 21 Feb 2005: Report No 2006-027


The aircraft was on a positioning flight to Paris CDG following maintenance for a suspected Main Landing Gear indication problem at Dublin.  On retraction of the gear following the take-off, a red “gear unlocked” and “gear in transit” warning light, was observed by the crew.  The “abnormal” checklist detail was then carried out and the gear activated in an effort to clear the problem.  The crew requested a quick return (QRF) to Dublin.  On the approach the warning indications cleared and the aircraft landed on RWY 28.  No airport services were required.  An inspection of the aircraft revealed that a Left Hand (LH) undercarriage door hinge had broken.


Occurrence Date: 
Monday, 21 February, 2005
Report Date: 
Friday, 24 November, 2006