Accident: Sikorsky S-76B, N399BH, Bettystown Co. Meath, on 18 September 2008: Report No 2010-019


The helicopter had landed and shutdown earlier that afternoon on Bettystown beach where its passengers alighted. The Pilot then repositioned the helicopter to a nearby unsuitable small car park in the centre of the village of Bettystown.  While attempting to land, the main rotor of the helicopter struck a steel lamppost.  The helicopter yawed, then rolled and the main rotor disintegrated on hitting the ground.  The Pilot evacuated the helicopter, which was destroyed by an extensive post-crash fire.  Collateral damage resulted from helicopter debris hitting nearby properties and cars.  The Pilot and two bystanders suffered minor injuries.  The Emergency Services responded in a timely manner and extinguished the fire.

Occurrence Date: 
Thursday, 18 September, 2008
Report Date: 
Wednesday, 8 December, 2010