Accident: BAe RJ85, EI-RJF, Dublin Airport Ramp Area, 2 March 2009, Report No 2009-024


During the EI-RJF pushback from Stand C4 in preparation for departure to London City Airport (LCY), while the tug operator carried out a minor realignment of the aircraft on the taxi-line, the tug was turned through 180 degrees, shearing the end off the tow bar at the tug end. With the engines running at idle power, the aircraft continued to move forward under its own inertia, colliding with the tug and came to rest with the tug wedged against the right hand side of the fuselage below the cockpit. This impact caused serious structural damage to the aircraft. There were no injuries.

Occurrence Date: 
Monday, 2 March, 2009
Report Date: 
Monday, 7 December, 2009