Incident: Boeing 737-448, EI-BXI, Dublin Airport, 3 Jun 1999: Report No 2004-003


The Air Traffic Controller on duty saw smoke coming from the front of the aircraft on Stand 34 and alerted the Fire Services who responded.  Flight 602 for Amsterdam was being boarded and most of the passengers had already taken their seats.  The Captain ordered an immediate evacuation of the aircraft and this took place through the forward door, in an orderly way, under the guidance of the cabin staff.  In the follow-up technical examination, it was found that metal braid on a hydraulic flexible pipe had caused a shorting of the electrical supply to the hydraulic pump.  This shorting had also punctured the pipe causing the hydraulic fluid to escape.

The Investigation made one Safety Recommendation to the maintenance organisation with which that organisation concurred".

Occurrence Date: 
Thursday, 3 June, 1999
Report Date: 
Friday, 30 January, 2004