Accident: Cessna, EI-AUC, Laraghcon Lucan Dublin, 15 July 1999: Report No 2002-001


The aircraft, which was on a checkout flight, took off from Weston Aerodrome at 1700 hours on 15 July 1999.   It was the intention of the instructor to complete a half hour flight and then return to the field.  Whilst the aircraft was being configured for the final approach by the co-pilot to Runway 25 the engine failed and could not be restarted.   The instructor immediately took  control of the aircraft and elected to carry out an emergency landing in a cornfield 1 NM north east of the runway threshold.   On landing, the nose strut collapsed and the aircraft inverted.  There was no fire.

Occurrence Date: 
Thursday, 15 July, 1999
Report Date: 
Friday, 18 January, 2002