Accident: Rallye Club MS 880, EI-AYA, Luska Pier Tipperary, 19 Dec 1999: Report no 2001-011


The aircraft took off from Coonagh Airfield at 14.25 on 19 December 1999.  A solo navigation exercise was planned and the pilot intended to fly to Portumna, 31 N.M. away and back to Coonagh.  On the return leg and at 1600 ft AMSL the engine and propeller stopped suddenly.  The pilot identified a suitable field on which to execute an emergency landing.  During the landing the nose undercarriage was damaged and the tail struck the hedge bordering the field.  The pilot exited the aircraft uninjured.

Occurrence Date: 
Sunday, 19 December, 1999
Report Date: 
Tuesday, 4 September, 2001