ACCIDENT:Bede Aircraft Corp BD-5GR, EI-DNN, Garranbaun, Co. Waterford Ireland, 25 July 2015: REPORT 2016-014

The aircraft was on a general aviation flight from Waterford Airport, via Ardmore, to Shannon Airport. Some minutes after take-off the Pilot made a Mayday call and informed Air Traffic Control (ATC) that he had an engine fire, had lost elevator authority and would have to land in a field. A forced landing was attempted into a field at Garranbaun, Co. Waterford; this proved unsuccessful and the aircraft impacted the ground, with wreckage strewn over approximately 63 metres (m) along a general orientation of 050° magnetic.
There was a significant post-accident ground fire. The Pilot did not survive the accident. 
Occurrence Date: 
Saturday, 25 July, 2015
Report Date: 
Thursday, 6 October, 2016