Reports Overview

The AAIU Investigation reports published on this site contain the facts relating to the reported occurrences that have been determined up to the time of issue. This information is published to inform the aviation industry and the public of the circumstances of these occurrences, and the prevention of similar type occurrences. The contents of these Reports may be subject to alteration or correction if additional information becomes available.  

It is the policy of the AAIU to publish all Reports on the AAIU web site immediately after the completion of each individual Investigation.  Extracts from these Reports may be published without specific permission, provided that the source is duly acknowledged. 

Please use the Links below to select which Report Type you are interested in.

AAIU Investigation Reports -      

Reports of AAIU Investigations relating to specific occurrences. AAIU Published Reports may be searched by Occurrence Year / Report Date etc.

Foreign Investigation Reports -       

Reports published by Foreign Accident Investigation Authorities.